The Furths

The Furths are mountains or subsidiary summits over 3000 feet (914.4 m) high in the British Isles that are "furth" (outside) of Scotland. The list of Furths is an extension of the the lists Munros and Munro Tops in Scotland. There are a total of 34 Furths: 6 in England, 15 in Wales and 13 in Ireland. This compares with the 282 Munros and 227 further Munro Tops (subsidiary summits) in Scotland. A complete list of Furths is available on Wikipedia.

Snowdonia was my training ground for hillwalking and trekking; I've lost count of how many times I climbed the mountains there! This training period cumulated in an epic 27 mile walk, visiting all the Welsh 3000ft mountains in a single day, after which I went looking for pastures new. Scotland grabbed my attention and I spent nine years enjoying a series of treks climbing all the Munros. Over this time I also visited the English Lake District twice and climbed the 3000ft peaks there.

In 2013 I compleated [sic] the Munros, and the following year travelled to Ireland to finish off my round of Furths. I had an amazing two weeks of warm sunny weather, travelling around Ireland by bus, first visiting MacGillycuddy's Reeks, then the Dingle Peninsula, the Galty Mountains and finally the Wicklow Mountains.